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Latvian Shipping Hawks.COM is a proud supporter and logistics provider to the Military of NATO alliance nations

karogs Mission Statement: 

Market – focused, process – centered organization that develops and delivers innovative solutions to the military.

Company values:

karogs Conduct business with honesty and transparency

karogs Respect various cultures and traditions

karogs Encourage innovation and creativity

Freight forwarding


karogs Military cargo and material shipment arrangements:

karogs Sea, Air, Rail and Road

karogs Out of Gauge, Heavy Loads

karogs Chartering Services

Logistics services



karogs Shipping and receiving

karogs Warehouse management

karogs Supply point distribution

karogs Vehicle leasing

Removal services


Removal services for Army personnel and Diplomats:

karogs Packing

karogs Loading / Securing

karogs Documentation

karogs Delivery World Wide

Temporary Power & HVAC Generation & Distribution


Energy/HVAC Production → Energy/HVAC Transmission → Energy/HVAC Distribution     

Installation and monitoring of all electrical & HVAC systems. Regular maintenance.

karogs Modular Power Generation Units (range from 25 kW to 5,000 kW)

karogs HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems)

karogs Fuel Supply and Maintenance Services

karogs Hybrid Power/HVAC Systems

We are working on developing Hybrid Power/HVAC systems:

Smart energy production using sources such as wind power, photovoltaics and hydrocarbon fuels along with with powerful battery storage systems.

Heat to Cooling power production can be switched very quickly, within 15 minutes.

karogs Main characteristics

Efficiency:  more than 90%

Output:  standard: 25kW to 5,000kW

Performance:  Up to 50% saving on fossil fuels

Reliability of supply:  100%



SHARKCAGE represents a systems approach to supplies and equipment mobilization, where security, flexibility and readiness are paramount.

The SharkCage family of products allow a seamless transition between storage, transportation and operations, while maintaining organization and accountability.

SHARKCAGE storage solutions are designed to provide many years of reliable service, and extensive use in the field has proven the exceptional quality of our products.

karogs STORE → Being stackable, lockable and 4-way forkliftable offer some unique benefits in storage.

karogs TRANSPORT → Drastically reduce load time, damaged material and container footprint, while simplifying load planning.

karogs TRANSITION → The SharkCage is designed to fit multiple platforms to increase intermodal transportation. Break up a container load into smaller packages while maintaining security, accountability and organization.

karogs OPERATE → Operate out of the same configuration the equipment was stored and transported, maintaining security, organization and readiness.



Latvian Shipping Hawks.COM, Ltd.
Mukusalas 72, Riga, LV-1004, Latvia
Tel.: +371 26699666
E-mail: opr1@latvianshippinghawks.eu

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