*** Silver in the New Energy Era ***

Among all metals, silver has the highest electrical conductivity, making it an ideal metal for use in solar cells and the electronic components of electric vehicles. *** Silver in Solar Photovoltaics Conductive layers of silver paste within the cells of a solar photovoltaic (PV) cell help to conduct the electricity within the cell. When light strikes a PV, the conductors absorb the energy and electrons are set free. Silver’s conductivity carries and stores the free electrons efficiently, maximizing the energy output of a solar cell. A typical solar panel can contain as much as 20 grams of silver. As the world adopts solar photovoltaics, silver could see dramatic demand coming from this form of renewable energy. *** Silver in Electric Vehicles Silver’s conductivity and corrosion resistance makes its use in electronics critical, and electric vehicles are no exception. Virtually every electrical connection in a vehicle uses silver. Silver is a critical material in the automotive sector, which uses over 55 million ounces of the metal annually. Auto manufacturers apply silver to the electrical contacts in powered seats and windows and other automotive electronics to improve conductivity. *** A Silver Intensive Future A green future will require metals and will redefine the role for many of them. Silver is no exception. WATCH how silver price develops within next 5 years. This is partial answer to the question why we should invest in silver NOW – because right now silver is the most undervalued commodity.