Energy Logistics

An integrated supply chain solutions


Energy, petroleum, gas, electricity and renewable energies sectors

+Oil & Gas: Exploration and production companies
+Renewable energy: Wind farms, hydro projects, geothermal projects, biomass projects
+Thermal plant: HFO / Diesel engines, emergency solutions, gas power plants, coal plants, nuclear plants.

Inbound Logistics

+Optimisation of supply of components, raw materials and consumables
+Multimodal transport
+Conventional rail transport for your raw materials
+Cross-docking solutions and inbound flows consolidation
+Optimisation and management of customs operations

Outbound Logistics

+National and international distribution
+Transport to distribution warehouses
+Optimisation and management of customs operations

Industrial projects

+ Customised management of your industrial project by a unique contact liaising directly with our local experts
+On demand worldwide transport capacities
+Multimodal transport (barge, ocean freight, air freight, road transport, rail) whatever the weight, the size and the type of your shipments
+Optimisation and management of customs operations
+Operations monitoring in real time considering security rules in the field

Other services