Energy Procurement

Energy Sectors:
+ Oil & Gas + Renewable energy + Thermal plants

When looking to procure energy, your business should look for an energy supplier that provides competitive pricing and a solution that meets your needs specifically. Many businesses have special requirements for their energy usage depending on the industry, and pairing up with the right supplier ensures greater efficiency.

Energy procurement is the strategic process of sourcing your energy needs from a third party energy supplier or local distribution company (LDC).

The benefits of energy procurement are a lower risk of unforeseen charges, hidden fees, and costs, more informed load forecasting, a reliable source of fuel, and control over your fuel costs and types.


+ A well-planned energy procurement strategy can add certainty and dependability to your operations by:
+ Minimising the risk of unforeseen charges, hidden fees, and costs.
+Giving you more informed load forecasting based on research and monthly usage reports sent to you by your broker/consultant or supplier.
+ Providing a reliable source of fuel — essential for industries like construction, manufacturing, transportation and healthcare.
+ Letting you have proactive control over your fuel costs and types and financing and billing schedules.

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