SHARKCAGE represents a systems approach to supplies and equipment mobilization, where security, flexibility and readiness are paramount.

The SharkCage family of products allow a seamless transition between storage, transportation and operations, while maintaining organization and accountability.

SHARKCAGE storage solutions are designed to provide many years of reliable service, and extensive use in the field has proven the exceptional quality of our products.


karogs STORE → Being stackable, lockable and 4-way forkliftable offer some unique benefits in storage.

karogs TRANSPORT → Drastically reduce load time, damaged material and container footprint, while simplifying load planning.

karogs TRANSITION → The SharkCage is designed to fit multiple platforms to increase intermodal transportation. Break up a container load into smaller packages while maintaining security, accountability and organization.

karogs OPERATE → Operate out of the same configuration the equipment was stored and transported, maintaining security, organization and readiness.

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Learn about Products:   http://sharkcage.com/products/sharkcage

Videos:  http://sharkcage.com/sharkcage-videos

Platform Guide:  http://sharkcage.com/container-management-guide